Nail That Interview, the Best Closing Question!

We have blogged before about what questions employers should ask in an interview and we’ve let candidate in on the secret of body language and how you might come across in an interview etc. So when I received an info graphic in my inbox this morning of what the best questions are a candidate can ask to help “Seal the Deal” I thought lets spread the word.

I know from experience that no matter how prepared I have ever been going into an interview this was the one question that always caught me off guard despite me spending ages coming up with what I thought would make me look good…And that question?…

“So we’ve asked you lots of question, what would you like to ask us?”… Quick quick say something about Future plans, business growth, marketing, nope my prep has all gone out the window and inevitably a really naff “so how many days holiday did you say?” slips out of my now completely unprepared mouth!!

So I share the wisdom that I myself only learnt this morning J (straight from some of the biggest companies) 7 questions for you to use and make you look fab, and why I think they will work!

1. What is an example of a Client challenge you have faced recently? 

Perfect, they always ask you for an example of your “biggest challenge”, Simple hey!

2. Where do YOU see the company going in the next 10 years?

Again, a standard question turned on them, it shows you have a goal in life and is this the company to take you there

3. Can I work in your call centre for a couple of weeks to get a sense of your client needs?

Genius!!  It says, I want to do well and look I’m prepared to do anything to achieve it (question asked by candidate for Senior Business Manager)

4. What is the question you REALLY wanted to ask me but haven’t? 

I’m putting myself out there, no skeletons in my closet I’m trying to hide

5. What impact would I have on the team if you hired me?

I’m thinking success, and you are about to tell me why I’m the perfect candidate!

6. I was looking at your social media presence and I can see that your brands have been more active over the past few months. Has your strategy changed?

That’s right, I’ve done my homework and I’m completely comfortable with the whole social media scene and how to use it to the business advantage

7. What would make someone really successful in this role?

I’m a A game player and I want to blow everyone away when I start

So there you have it, obviously you might need to adapt these slightly to suit the company you are applying too, but give it a go, and if it works (which it will) and you land your dream job, let me know…. It will make my day!

Good luck oh and thank you Career Bliss for this!


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