Are You More of a Bully Than You Think?

This post follows on so well from a previous blog about the way Adults are behaving like kids at work so when I read this from CIPD about bullying at work I had to share it.

When you think of bullying you think of it being a school thing, well isn’t it?? Looking at the below quiz I would say not!!

I urge you to take this test, it takes 2 minutes, but be honest don’t answer what you think you should do but when in a bad or stressed mood what you really do!

1. You need to call a team meeting but it’s nearly 5pm and some staff have children. Do you?

A Tell parents they don’t have to go but it would be a good idea if they did attend

B Expect everyone to turn up. Their childcare needs are not your concern

C Promise to brief those who can’t attend the following day

2. You’ve made a politically incorrect joke in the office that was taken badly. Do you?

A Not worry about it as everyone knows what you’re like

B Apologise immediately for any offence caused

C Do nothing. People shouldn’t bring their emotions to work

3. You hear a piece of juicy gossip about a colleague’s personal life. Do you?

A Share it with other colleagues. You could all do with a laugh

B Point out to the gossip that their behaviour is not acceptable

C Keep it to yourself – but do nothing about it

4. You’ve given a piece of work to someone but you’re not happy with progress. Do you?

A Sit them down to talk about how it’s going and then take appropriate action

B Take it away and give it to someone else

C Leave it with them but monitor their progress 3-4 times a day

5. Your colleague is already stressed but you really need their help to meet a deadline. Do you?

A Give them the work to do. You’re stressed too

B Enlist their help but promise them a day off in exchange

C Ask for an extension or see if someone else can help

6. You find a colleague annoying. Do you?

A Take time to talk to them about what would make the relationship easier

B Demand they stop doing whatever is irritating you

C Try to avoid them as much as possible

Now add up your score and check your answers below:

1 A (2 points); B (3); C (1)

2 A (2); B (1); C (3)

3 A (3); B (1); C (2)

4 A (1); B (3); C (2)

5 A (3); B (2); C (1)

6 A (1); B (3); C (2)


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