Can you keep fit at work, is it possible?

How on earth can we fit in exercise when we spend most of our day sitting on our bottoms stuck in front of our computers  each day, there just isn’t any time, or is there!

You will be pleased to know it is to your companies benefit, as it is a proven fact that squeezing a little exercise into your day, improves our concentration and makes us all more productive. There are a few things you can do without realising you are gently exercising, without even moving from you chair!

Firstly check that the your chair and desk ergonomics are correct, this will ensure you are sitting correctly and save aches and pains in your back and avoid straining your eyes if your computer  is too far away from you.

Instead of emailing your colleagues a reply, take a  walk to the person you need to email this will stretch your legs and allow you to communicate more openly and build relationships too, kill two birds with one stone!

To tone those stomach muscles, hold your tummy in each time you answer the phone, or when you are making a call hold your tummy muscles in until the person you are calling picks up!

Try and stand every time you make a phone call this will stretch your legs! Simply sitting at your desk with a straight back is probably one of the most effective of exercises and this strengthens your core.

Finally stay hydrated always try and  have a bottle of water by your desk, so you can constantly have sips of water to ensure you feel alert and awake, staying hydrated is essential for maintaining your health and general wellbeing!

Easy! And so simple and most importantly very effective, why not, give them a go and get that spring back in your step!!


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