Ok, So Today is Blue Monday….

A day that falls on the Monday of the last full week of January, and given its name due to dark mornings, debt and time to payday and a couple of other things, in fact did you know that there is in fact an actual calculation to work out Blue Monday, I kid you not, it goes something like…..

Weather + D(unidentified factor) – debt x Time since Christmas squared by the time since failure of resolutions divided by Low Motivation combined with a Need to take action…… sorry, hope you didn’t nod off then! anyway…

I looked up a little bit about it this morning and came across an article outlining the top 10 ways to beat Blue Monday, so here they are with a little input from me!

1. Where Bright Clothing – Totally get where this is coming from but sadly I only read this once at work and I am fully clothed in black and grey (well I have a white t-shirt underneath does that count?)

2. Exercise – hmmmm, I did take the stairs this morning!

3. Get Stuff Done – Well I am writing this blog to you to pass on the wisdom and love… I think that’s getting something done! that on top of getting 2 kids up washed dressed fed, 2 two pack lunches (oh and one for me as it is blue Monday and I am skint after all!), one dropped to early morning gymnastics the other to pre-school and still in by 9 I think that is definitely getting “stuff” done (no wonder I am wearing black and grey though, it was the only think that didn’t need ironing!)

4. Relax – Well I am now I am at work – sorry boss!

5. Give yourself a laugh – Working on that one – thoughts please?

6. Be Nice – I am about to make everyone in the office a coffee πŸ™‚

7. Sleep – No problemo, but should probably not do that in the office…. happy to try thought πŸ˜‰

8. Think of one good thing in Life – At the moment that is a bit hard, after all tonight I will need to say a fond farewell to Hayley in Coronation street, I am weeping already! how cheery for them to air that on the most depressing day of the year!!Β 

9. Limit Stimulants – Impossible sorry, I am about to carry out point 6! (and that will be my 3rd one already!)

10. It’s ok to indulge or be selfish, but just Β a little – I think that means I can take the last biscuit that I can see sitting next to the kettle and not offer it out! πŸ™‚

so there you have it, that is how I will get through today and besides its only 5 months until the Happiest day of the year, woo hoo!

Let me know how your day is going….







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