42% Decrease In Unfair Dismissal Claims…..

Anything to do with the £250 issue and £950 hearing cost! Oh Yes, I think perhaps so. Since the introduction of fees to take a case to tribunal, even one as simple as unlawful deduction from wages carrying an overall cost of £390, there has been a 17% decrease in cases going to Tribunal. It was always said the fees were introduced to eradicate specious claims, so perhaps they are doing there job?  Although, there is suggestion that the lull in the second half of the year is simply because everyone put there claims in early to avoid the fees… Now I’m not entirely sure but did people really pre-empt their dismissal from their jobs 4 months in advance??

There is a word of caution to this tale and we are being warned of a case of double bluff. This is where employers are choosing to ignore the threat from the employee of tribunal and not to “settle” upfront, but instead to hold out to see if the employee was bluffing or really does have what it takes to see it through the fees all the way to tribunal; this could result in the employer ultimately paying out more. I think we will have to wait a little while longer to see if this really is the case.

But for now, I wonder what all those judges are doing with their extra time…….





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