You’re Fired, No Really!

10 stupid reasons to get fired

Long arm of the law – A police chief was dismissed for stealing beer from the fire department they shared a building with.

Beautiful smile – A former dental assistant dismissed for being too attractive after her ex-employer was pressured by his wife.

Beware of gas – A warehouse worker was dismissed for excessive farting. It was revealed to be a side-effect of their medication.

Hair-raising – A waitress shaved her head for cancer research but lost her job as bosses believed customers would not want to be served by her.

Saving lives endangers life – A lifeguard who saved a man from drowning, was sacked for endangering lives after leaving his section of beach to make the rescue.

Out for blood – A store worker took crisps without paying. The diabetic needed to boost her blood sugar and went to pay for it later when on a break.

Too bold – A worker in New Zealand sent instructions to fill out a health form in bold, red, upper-case letters. This supposedly caused disharmony.

Ho ho no – An Australian department store sacked its Santa for saying ‘ho, ho, ho’. The store preferred ‘ha, ha, ha’ as ho could be heard as slang for whore.

Say cheese – McDonald’s sacked an employee for giving a free slice of cheese to a co-worker in a burger they bought. The restaurant was ordered to pay the fired staff member $5,900.

Beyond rep-roach – Turkmenisatan Prime Minister Berdymukjamedov fired 30 staff at state run TV after a cockroach was spotted on the 9pm news desk live on air.

Thank you to HR Grapevine for this, made me smile hope it makes our readers too!


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