I “Heart” My Manager!

1. Are you a manager? No, please move on to #2 If yes, please read on… What do your employee’s think about you?
2. What do you think of your manager?
Forbes speaks to author of Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know Jill Geisler, about how to become a manager people want to work for!
In a time when peoples backs are up against the wall, being ‘happy’ isn’t the easiest to achieve at all times, but Jill informs us that it takes three things to be a happy manager in a bad economy: strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and a passion for helping people do their best work, even in the face of diminished resources. She also goes on to explain how social media; “is a game changer for internal relationships among colleagues and external relationships with customers.” We can now put faces to titles and answer questions and queries with ease and efficiency.
We are in an ever changing society and  this includes our working environment too. So we must become experts to change; – receiving and delivering! It’s key to our success to realise what it is we are good at and want to be known for, but above all, to remember life is far to short to work with people who are falling short! Today, shed the excess baggage and encircle yourself with people of excellence remembering to all have fun working toward common goals!

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