To Boldly Go…

Anybody who calls themselves a Treky (even secretly) will know the one thing that motivate a Ferengi – Latinum! For those of you who are not au fait with the endeavours of the Federation and the Ferengi Alliance, the Ferengi are an alien race that would sell their own mothers for wealth. Every living moment is motivated and consumed by Gold Pressed Latinum. It’s incredible the lengths that people would go to when motivated, but compensation the only way to motivate your teams?

To think that motivation is solely connected to compensation neglects the fundamentals of what makes us human. If we look at the example of those to choose to climb a mountain. The stories that come back are those of injury, hardship, discomfort and frost bite! However if we think about it, why would anybody put themselves through that? What generally emerges is they do it for the challenge, the fight, the pleasure of completions. There is weight in see the fruition in the fruit of our labour.
Studies have shown that once meaning is removed from a task motivation, passion, drive and …… are dramatically reduced.This then begs the question who attributes meaning? A large percent of it comes from the individual but almost equal to this is having our achievements recognised.  This tells us that the journey from A-Z, is equally as important as who celebrates it with us.
Giving a person responsibility, meaning and praise is proven to make more of a difference to the quality and execution of the task which indeed makes for great results and an enaged workforce that boldly goes where no man or woman, has gone before!

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