Hinkley Point, but not as you know it…

 Hinkley Point nuclear power plant to create 25,000 jobs, says David Cameron. Read the full story….

David Cameron hails the £16bn of new investment and 25,000 jobs as “brillant news” as the Government struck a deal for the country’s first new nuclear plant in a generation.

Following months of negotiation, ministers have agreed a “cut-price” deal with the French power giant behind the project, paving the way for construction to begin at the Somerset site, provided the plan wins EU approval. Cameron claimed consumer bills will be £77 lower when the full nuclear programme is completed by 2030 but he is expected to face hurdles in getting EU clearance over substantial subsidies being paid to the EDF group. It is the first time that a a nuclear station in this country will not have been built with money from the British taxpayers.

Is it better we begin building nuclear power plants now, rather than when it is too late and fossil fuels are in such sort supply we start to become a scene out of the ‘The Walking Dead’ (minus the zombies – hopefully!) or ‘Revolution’ a world without electricity?
One thing does spring to mind though, which I don’t think Cameron has mentioned yet. Anyone remember Chernobyl?

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