Cutting Corners? You’re just Cutting Clients!

I was sent a really interesting blog and thread today all about the blunders recruiters have made at some point in their careers and I have to say some were pretty shameful and some very funny.

There are examples of where candidate CV’s have been sent to their own boss (doh), notice periods being falsified, charge rates being grossly exaggerated but mostly of candidates being sent for interviews with clients based just on a telephone conversation (if that!)…  Needless to say there was more than one story of a spike haired, tattoo covered, walking pin cushion turning up for an interview to be met by a very shocked client, looking for a front of house receptionist! (not to discriminate of course)

Ok, so most of the stories were from the 80’s and 90’s when the recruitment industry was young, fast, furious and very cut throat… get the candidates in and get the fee. But one thing that is clear from all of them, they were all about cutting corners and the result was they all lost the deal.

Things are different now, of course I think it can still be just as cut throat, but now people don’t need to settle for a slap dash service. The evolving world of social media helps to eliminate those face to face shockers but it also means that information is more open to everyone that once only the recruiter could get their hands on. We simply expect more for our money, and so we should. No one can afford to lose a client nowadays so that personal, thorough service is absolutely essential.

The recruitment industry is worth around £2.5 billion, that’s up 37% since 2010 and rising, are there still recruiters out there willing to throw their share of that away or have they learnt the lesson cutting corners cuts clients?!

If you have a Recruiting horror story to share or to talk with our Talent Management team get in touch We promise, we won’t cut corners!


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