What Makes Some “Stand out from the Crowd”…

Whilst others just blend into the background… I have to sadly admit that I fit into the latter, not intentionally of course, read on to see why and where you fit.

I read a blog post recently which very simply explains how easy it is to be the one that stands out, to be the memorable one! It basically means being nosy… why then, you’re thinking, am I not that one especially as I so often blog about wanting to know everything about everyone!! Well it’s because I have a terrible memory.

You see the key is to ask people specific things about their outside lives and not just to talk about yourself and work. For example did you know that Mary in accounts is a championship Line Dancer? Did you ‘remember’ to ask how she got on at the weekend? How about telling Paul he looks refreshed, his baby must be sleeping through the night? Me neither which is why I’m a background girl. It isn’t that I don’t care I just forget to ask.

How many times do you say “they are so nice, they always think to ask me about myself”?  Well I think it a lot and the person I am talking about is “the one that stands out”, the kind, endearingly curious, genuine person that I want to be. If we (I) take the time to consider others more we might just get there. And imagine how nice the office would be too!

Get in touch if there is anything you want to share with us, or for more help/advise on communication, we could work on it together! info@hrrev.co.uk

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