Company Wide Talent!

We deal with a lot of clients each day and all of them have the same view when it comes to their companies talent – they see the individuals that are championing the business and making a name for themselves in scaling the career ladder and profiling themselves within the business but they tend to forget those individuals that are just simply doing their job, but doing it so well that they deliver on time, to deadline with the correct level of input, they just don’t over-exceed or profile well in the business.

It’s vital to remember that talent is company-wide, not just the champions or those at the top of their game. Try to remember everyone and don’t focus all your energy and investment at the top. Let your employees tell you what they value, rather than what your organisation believes should value about the employment experience and ultimately your companies talent.

Remember your talent oils your business and keeps the cogs churning – getting everyone engaged makes for a much more positive and well-oiled business that gives a much more engaging and inspiration employment experience!

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