Apprenticeship schemes set for record high this summer!

Its that old cliché, you aren’t suitable for the job because you don’t have enough experience, but how do you get experience if employers don’t give you the chance to gain experience in the first place? So surely Apprenticeship schemes are a good solution for both school leavers and employers.

According to figures published from the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), there are now 20,000 apprenticeships available online, up from 15,000 in August last year.

NAS figures also show more than half (71%) of employers would recommend young people to do an apprenticeship and as A-Level results are opened, more than half (54%) of young people in England would like to do an apprenticeship if it was available.

“Apprenticeships are ideal for A-Level achievers who want to progress onto further learning, but also want to get a foot on the career ladder at the same time,” said NAS executive director David Way.

“Higher apprentices have the opportunity to gain degree-level equivalent qualifications at the same time as being in paid employment.”

This does however imply that an apprenticeship may be a replacement for a University degree, which I am sure many will say is not the case. But it does provide another avenue for school leavers to get work based experience and skills as well as allowing employers to tap into talented, creative and innovative young people early.

Incentives from the Government will also entice employers to consider the prospect of developing apprenticeship schemes where they currently do not have one. Earlier this year the Government announced it would offer SMEs grants of £1,500 to take on 16-24-year-olds as an apprentice.

So win win all round? If you need help to getting your superstar Apprentice, get in touch now, we are waiting to here from you!


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