I’m Not Teaching you To Suck Eggs….?

What a very bizarre phrase! and what started off as a simple conversation in our office this morning is now a huge debate!

Where does the phrase come from, what does it mean, how many people do you see sucking eggs! Well this got the better of me and I had to turn to google for answers, so here goes…

There is no exact know origin for this weird and wonderful saying, but it is thought it is actually a Spanish translation dating back to 1707! Upon reading further it turns out that it is infact about a child teaching their Grandmother to suck eggs by way of putting a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg to ‘suck’ out the filling aka sucking the egg, turning a tricky messy task into something simple, voila! …. funny I always envisaged someone actually putting a whole egg in their mouth!

Anyway we have moved on to what other widely used but rather odd sayings are there out there and we want your best ones please!!

mail us info@hrrev.co.uk or leave a comment on this blog, we do love a little debate in the office!


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