The Perfect Advice… Really!

As well as providing our blog readers with useful HR advice we like to provide you with some fun HR facts too, so we are doing a mixture of the two!

So having had a little look about for you this is what I have found… interesting stuff!

It’s all about the timing:

Want a payrise, holiday or a promotion, well get in first thing in the morning! Never ask them when they are hungry or in a hurry to leave, their attention will be elsewhere and you will have no chance!

Booking in an interview? If you can chose a time, again first thing is best with last thing as an alternative. Interviewers will always remember the first and last people they interviewed, so if you are scheduled in at lunchtime, be prepared to work extra hard to keep their attention on you!

Hmm what shall I wear:

Well let us tell you…
Blue – Screams trustworthy and is most people’s favourite colour. Occasion – Interview
Grey – Formal yet trustworthy but a little boring. Occasion – Corporate Interview
Black – Authoritative. Occasion – Everytime you mean business!
Green – Calming on people and situations. Occasion – When you’re in trouble I say!
Red – The worst colour, it is very linked to our emotions, and can subliminally affect the people concerned. Occasion – Never, well maybe to after work drinks!

Your Time starts Now:

Yep from the minute you walk into the interview room you have approximately 3 minutes before they decide whether or not you will be their next hire! Not long is it, I mean think about how long it takes for the perfect firm handshake, put down your bag and take off your coat and your time is up!! Make sure you are smiling at the very least, no-one hires mr grumpy! Check out our previous tips on body language to help you after this time.

And Just because…This is the fun bit
The Guiness Book of Records lists ‘The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick’ as the hardest tongue twister, get that going round the office!

An average of four people a year in Britain are killed by writing instruments! Mind you who writes nowadays anyway!

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