What’s In Your Desk Drawer?

Does what you keep in your desk drawers really say a lot about you?

Well if it does mine is screaming “she munches on biscuits all day and all that sugar is giving her a headache!”. Yes that’s basically it, a couple of varieties of the crunchy comforters and some hedex! Ok so not the most practical desk drawer but it does make me popular at three o’clock when the afternoon peckish pains kick in and a little bonus for me, it means I know everyone and all the gossip!

Maybe you are known as the office ‘stationary cupboard’ with post it’s and staples constantly getting stuck every time you open or shut your little cavern of wonders?

My favourite person in the office though is the ‘practical one’, the person who simply has everything…. There is one of you in every office and you know who you are. Inside your pedestal that doubles as a mini shopping centre you have plasters, stamps, calculators, spare plastic wallet files, business cards, hairbands, deodorant, toothbrush / paste, umbrella, spare shoes, a cardigan, spare buttons, sewing kit, hand sanitiser, perfume, mobile phone charger, snacks, cuppa soup, the menu for the nearest sandwich shop, tube map and probably heart burn tablets. You are in short completely indispensable and the most popular person to boot. This is a coveted title and only one of you can have it! Of course this role is only successful if you are of a giving nature and happily share with your colleagues.

So readers, what do you keep tucked away and what would your drawer really say about you? Does it work to your advantage and keep you in the loop with the entire office goings on….. if not isn’t it time maybe you thought about what little gem you could keep to make you the person we all need to have sitting next to us.

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