Women are from Venus gets a Social Media Makeover!

That is to say if Web trends were planets Men would be from Google and Women from Twitter!

It is really no surprise, well not to me anyway that Women are all about the pictures and gossip, otherwise known as Facebook and Pintrest, whereas men are all networking and daft videos aka LinkedIn and You Tube!

Women spend more time Tweeting because they like to know what is going on all the time and men spend more time on Google, I guess that is because they are looking up the stuff women already know! Ok ok I’m only joking we don’t know it all and I am a big fan myself 🙂

Read on for the real facts and how the battle of the sexes plays out in the Social Media World, and if like me you love a fact, you will enjoy this…..

Thanks to http://www.internetserviceproviders.org/blog/2013/gendered-social-media/ for this!

Social Gender Infographic


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