Have you got the Hump?

We all know that as soon as one person yawns the next thing is the whole office is at it! Quite simply yawns are contagious, and so it would seem is a bad mood.

I know there could be any reason for this bad mood, and rarely is it actually job related, it could be that the kids have thrown a tantrum over breakfast, you spilt coffee down your crisp white shirt or you got stuck in a 10 mile tailback, whatever the cause your grumpiness can bring down the temperature in the whole office.

Luckily there are 4 great ways to overcome these grumps (I particularly like No.1!)

Eat – Hoorah! Yes food can make it all feel better, for a starter hunger might be the reason you’re grumpy and secondly different types of food release endorphins and have a positive impact on your emotions, see smiling already!

Exercise – Exercise increases endorphins and can naturally switch a mood from bad to good in a matter of a few minutes. You can get an endorphin boost from exercise by exerting a moderate or high level of exercise so just run up the stairs instead of using the lift. When your breathing starts to get a bit difficult, the body releases endorphins which can be associated with feelings of happiness. The euphoria isn’t long lasting, but it at least you will be feeling a bit better about not being lazy!

Music – Music can trigger a release of dopamine into your brain, ok a bit scientific but if it works. This is associated with a pleasurable feeling and subsequently can turn a frown upside down in the span of a three-minute pop song. Basically, as you’re following a tune, you are anticipating what’s going to happen next and the reward for doing so is a little shot of pleasure.

Embrace It – Sounds strange yes, but haven’t you noticed that sometime when you’re in a bad mood you just want to get your head down so nothing else bothers you? This therefore makes you more attentive to your chosen task and slightly more competitive so in fact it could be the boost you need to get a project off the ground!

Voila! We all get in a bad mood sometime, for a number of different reasons, but it’s how you get out of it that counts!

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