Happy St George’s Day!

We all know it is today, and we all like to think we are a little patriotic, but how many of you know anything about St George and why we celebrate him today? Well as you know I do love a fact and so I am going to share some with you…. enjoy today’s history lesson!

St George was born 270AD in Cappadocia, now Eastern Turkey.

He became a Roman Soldier and rose to the highest rank, however he later resigned from his post and protested against the Pagan Leader the Emperor Diocletian (245-313 AD), who led Rome’s persecution of Christians.

This rebellion saw him imprisoned and tortured, but still he remained true to his faith.

The enraged Diocletian had him dragged through the streets of Nicomedia on 23rd April 303 AD where he was beheaded.

His reputation continued to live on and when crusades returned to England they spoke of his tales of courage and bravery.

In Fordington, Dorest, a church records the “miracle appearance” of St George outside of Jerusalem in 1099 where he is said to have led the crusades to battle.

In 1222 The Council of Oxford declared the 23rd April be St Georges Day.

It was not in fact though until 1348 that St George became the patron Saint of England. King Edward III founded the Order of the Garter, the premier order of chivalry or knighthood in England. The order was put under St George’s patronage and the medal is awarded on 23rd April by the reigning monarch.

In 1415 St George’s day was declared a National feast day and holiday in England, however following the union with Scotland in the 18th Century this tradition was ceased and no longer a holiday.

So there you have it, a brief overview of his life and the history St George & England.

Did you also know that today marks the death of William Shakespeare who died in 1616

st georges flag



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