Fancy a Gossip….

Hmm, thought that would get your attention! Us ladies love a little gossip don’t we, well how about this then… Researchers are saying that it is actually good… I know!!!

And I quote “it helps establish trust, build comfort levels and provide information that lets people function” oh but there is a catch so read very carefully…

There is a big difference between positive and negative gossip, this might be obvious but just to make it clear negative gossip is when you know you are saying something for your own gain and could potentially be hurtful to someone else. So when they say it’s good to gossip, what they actually mean is spread the nice things about people, share when someone has done something well, when someone has exceeded expectations or targets.

Inevitably the rumour mill will do its job and it will always get back to the person being spoken about, so when they find out it was you who started the gossip won’t it be nice when they are actually happy about it.

Go on ladies (and gents, I know you do it too) start a little positive gossip and spread the joy!

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