Do people really like you as much as you think?

In all probability the answer to this is no! Blunt I know but I am just being honest with you. In truth we all have bits about us that are completely unlikeable we just don’t want to believe it!

Take a look at these top reasons for being disliked and ask yourself… Is that me?

YOU GOSSIP: and I mean the negative kind. What you don’t realise is that you are venting about someone to the very person they are best friends with. In short, now neither of them like you and they have told everyone else not to trust you!!

YOU LENGTHEN MEETINGS: with the most ridiculous questions which in all probability have been answered already if you hadn’t been too busy doodling to notice or you just wanted to make your presence know. Now it’s past home time you are very unpopular indeed.

YOU DEPEND ON EVERYONE: for every single answer. You have google on your computer too you know…. It pretty much knows everything so use it and stop asking me!

YOU MOAN: OMG is your cup ever half full? Apparently not, it’s too cold, there’s no teabags, you broke a nail, you hate Mondays, the stationery cupboard is too far away, seriously top with the whining already.

YOU TELL PORKIES: It wasn’t your idea stop saying it was aaarrggghhh!

YOU SHOW OFF: about everything. Everything you do is bigger, faster, better blah blah blah yeah we know. Get over yourself already your own insecurity is boring!

YOU ARE LAZY: and you know it. It’s never your responsibility is it so why should you step up to take on extra duties? Well people might like you a bit more if you pulled your weight for one!

YOU ARE LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: really?! No-one can be that happy all of the time. The lift breaking down when you work on the 15th floor is NOT a good excuse for light exercise! I don’t want a group hug, high fives or to turn my frown upside down so go away.

YOU TALK TOO MUCH: and when I say too much I mean all the time! Now I don’t mind a quick catch up on last night’s TV, but seriously I have work to do and I really am not that interested in Aunt Maud’s bad back. Rein it in a bit hey!

YOU ARE ALWAYS SICK: I mean taking every Monday off is a bit suspect, do you really always have something dodgy to eat on a Sunday!?? I’m suspicious and I don’t really like you for it.

YOU SMELL: ok sensitive subject but it’s true no-one like to sit with someone who’s got BO or bad breath.

YOU SUCK UP: all the time. Did you do your hair differently? I like your dress, is it new? Did you lose weight? It’s all rubbish the boss looks the same as always and you are not getting a promotion nor do your colleagues like you for it.

And something I’d like to add it’s a quote I use to my 4 year old daughter…

YOU MUST BE FRIENDLY TO HAVE FRIENDS: I know extremely cheesy but it is true you know.

Take an interest in other people, listen to a story they want to share, give the odd compliment and maybe offer to buy the coffee, well make one at least.

Even as I wrote (well adapted) this blog I couldn’t help thinking ‘actually I do a little bit of all of those’ so I will sign off now to go spray myself with some perfume, make the office a coffee and tell my colleague that I did notice her hair cut and I like it!

If there are any others you want to add, get in touch

Original article at Workopolis by E.Bromstein given our own HR Rev twist!

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