A First Date or Just another day in the office?

We often like to share our HR wisdom with you using everyday examples, situations and more importantly easy to understand language so when I read an article about how you can use the basic rules of a first date in your working life I was intrigued but surprised at just how true it was.

Basically when you arrange to go on a first date with someone you will also be thinking, “Ok, don’t blow it, look good and make a good impression”, well isn’t that how we should be every day?

Let’s break it down, here are the main points you consider on a first date:

You turn up on time
You try to look good and dress the part
You are polite
You listen to what they have to say
You don’t complain
You communicate
You don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu, just because you’re not paying!

So now you have read the above, doesn’t it make perfect sense! These are all things we should be thinking about every time we go to work, well apart from the ordering one, but even then it is just trying to tell us not to take advantage of other people… So get your smart tie on, don’t be late and be positive.

Have a good day everyone!

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