Are you a Time Waster?

I heard on the radio that statistically 2.36pm on a Monday is the time in the office when people are most likely to look at photos, talk about friends and family and generally embark on personal banter mostly involving the previous weekend. It has something to do with our need to keep that weekend feeling alive, I guess that only works if you had a good one! Anyway, not sure if it is ironic or not but I then arrived into the office to find a blog about the biggest time wasting activities in the office… fate, I had to write about it !

Now I didn’t think that I wasted a lot of time and I am sure you don’t either but seriously reading the below it turns out that it can actually be hours that are just disappearing! Here we go the harsh truth…

8 out of 10 people spend more than TWO hours a day surfing the web!

75% of people spend up to TWO hours on social media sites!

33% of people spend between one and TWO hours per day reading emails!

9 out of 10 people spend up to TWO hours a day chatting!

This is no joke, that is an entire day taken up and apparently there are still 6 more time wasting things on the list!!

Ok, so hopefully you do not do all of these all of the time, but think about it how long do you spend simply wasting time!

For help on how to structure your day or how to get motivate get in touch! Maybe tomorrow’s blog should definitely be about that!

To see what else is on the list check out the original infographic for this article

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