How to have a great Stress Life!

Can you believe I am about to say this but… we need stress in our life!

OK so it is accountable for over a third of work related illness, poor performance, grievances, the odd law suit here and there and yes it can even kill us! But think about it…

Stress is the gap between what we want and what we already have, and it can be what spurs us to get up in the morning. It is how we manage it that is the key. We often create our own stress in an attempt to alleviate it, we get worked up about how we are going to achieve things, fit everything in so to speak or just be so keen to get what we want we take on too much and don’t stop to think.

So think about how you can plan the changes better to get to your end goal, think about what personally gets your stress level rising and work out whether maybe working as a team others can take on those elements. Commit… Truly give yourself chance to achieve something, don’t get put off at the first hurdle, realise what you are working towards and turn that stress into motivation.

I know it is not as easy as it sounds, I know very few people that have a stress free life, but I do not a lot who make it look that way and I bet you do too! Remember they are not perfect, none of us are so stop and look at what they are doing that helps them and use it in your own planning.

We know it can not always be done alone and you need help, training perhaps. HR Rev can work with you to help understand what the workplace stresses are, and help to show the strengths you have that will lead to success.

Get in touch if you want to create a happier, healthier and more productive work life,


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